Gravure vs. Digital Printing: Choosing the Right Packaging Solution for Your Business

In the fast-paced world of packaging, making the right choice between gravure and digital printing can significantly impact your brand’s flexibility, quality, and bottom line. Whether you’re launching a new product or optimizing your supply chain, understanding these technologies’ nuances is key to informed decision-making.


Digital printing shines for short runs under 5000 pcs, offering unparalleled customization and quick turnaround times. Gravure printing, however, is the gold standard for high-volume orders over 5000 pcs, providing cost efficiency and superior quality for long-term favorites.

But how do you decide which printing method aligns with your business needs? Let’s dive deeper.

Understanding the Basics: Digital vs. Gravure Printing

Digital and gravure printing stand out in the packaging industry for their unique benefits. Digital printing, with its toner or liquid ink, excels in short, customized runs. It allows for rapid design changes without significant setup costs, ideal for brands offering a variety of packaging solutions with frequent updates. Gravure printing, known for its engraved plates and exceptional quality, is cost-effective for larger, consistent order volumes, making it suitable for long-term product lines.

Advantages of Digital Printing

For businesses with dynamic product ranges, digital printing is a game-changer. It supports high-fidelity prints with vibrant colors, perfect for limited editions or products requiring frequent aesthetic updates. Its on-demand nature reduces inventory waste, aligning with the efficiency and meticulousness of customers like Lynette, who value precision and agility in their packaging needs.

1、Low MOQ
2、No extra cost
3、Short turnaround time

Why Choose Gravure Printing?

Gravure printing’s prowess lies in its ability to produce high volumes of packaging with unparalleled quality and consistency. Its cost-per-unit decreases significantly with scale, offering a competitive edge for established products with stable demand. FavoriteTec leverages this technology for clients who prioritize long-term cost savings without compromising on packaging quality.

Making the Right Choice for Your Packaging Needs

Choosing between digital and gravure printing involves considering several factors: the flexibility of your product line, expected order volumes, and cost implications. For businesses navigating frequent product launches or those with a wide variety of packaging designs, digital printing provides the necessary speed and customization options. Conversely, gravure printing is ideal for companies with predictable demand patterns and larger volume requirements, offering economies of scale.

Case Study: How FavoriteTec Delivers Custom Packaging Solutions

At FavoriteTec, we understand the delicate balance between innovation and efficiency. By employing both digital and gravure printing technologies, we cater to a broad spectrum of client needs, from rapid prototyping and small batch runs to large-scale production. Our commitment to quality, combined with our ability to offer customized patterns and fast delivery, positions us as a preferred partner for businesses worldwide.


For businesses navigating the complexities of packaging customization, the choice between digital and gravure printing boils down to order volume and product lifecycle. Digital printing offers flexibility and efficiency for diverse, evolving product lines with frequent updates and high color requirements, perfect for orders less than 5000 pcs. On the flip side, gravure printing is the go-to for established products with stable designs and larger order volumes, exceeding 5000 pcs, ensuring cost-effectiveness and impeccable quality. Choosing wisely can enhance your product’s appeal and streamline your operations, ensuring your packaging reflects the innovation and quality of your brand.