What is a 3 side seal bag?

Three side sealing bag sounds like a very strange product, in fact, it is closely related to our life. Because our usual snack packaging, mask packaging bag and so on are packed in this way.This way of packing can not only prevent the products from spoiling, but also look beautiful.

1. Overview of the three-side sealing bag

Three sides sealing bag, namely three sides sealing, leaving only one opening for the user to pack the product.  Three sides sealing bag is the most common way to make bags.Three-sided sealed bags have the best air tightness. Bags that need to be vacuo must usually made in this way.

2. Three side sealing bag commonly used materials


3.The main products and characteristics of the three-side sealing bag

Plastic food bags、vacuum bags、rice bags、 upright bags、 zipper bags、aluminum foil bags、 tea bags、candy bags、 powder bags、 rice bags、 cosmetics bags、 mask eye bags、 medicine bags、 pesticide bags、 paper bags、 special-shaped bags、anti-static bags、 plastic bags.

Compound three sides sealing plastic bag has good barrier, moisture resistance, good low heat sealing, high transparency. It can also color printing color of 1 to 9.   Commonly used in daily necessities composite bags、composite bags, toys、 cosmetics composite bags、gift composite bags、 metal composite bags、 composite bags、 mall composite bags、 electronic products、 composite bags、 jewelry bags、 sports equipment、 composite bags and other products from all walks of life essence of compound bag packaging.

4.three side sealing bag equipment standards

Printing equipment: Intaglio printing, full computer controlled printing machine, can print 1-8 colors.

Composite equipment: fully computer controlled composite equipment, multilayer composite.

The tension of three side sealing bag making machine has unwinding tension, longitudinal sealing tension, transverse sealing tension and bottom material tension.

Unwinding tension is a technological parameter that controls the tightness of bag-making film.  It is usually required that the rolled film released can run smoothly, using small tension production.  When setting, adjust according to the tightness and flatness of the material

The control section of longitudinal seal expansion consists of radiotherapy traction roller to traction roller material behind longitudinal seal.  Through two 45° Angle steering plate, photoelectric correction detection head, front and back adjustment roll set, heat sealing, cooling knife.  The tension can be adjusted by adjusting the pressure of the tension pendulum rod on the material.  When the tension is too large, the material walks smoothly, but the friction at the contact point between the material and the equipment increases.  It is easy to scratch.  And it will affect the stability of the position of the back part of the positioning cutting, punching cutting and heat sealing.

After introducing so much knowledge of the three-side sealing bag, I believe you must have a better understanding of the three-side sealing bag, we have professional three-side sealing bag making equipment, using environment-friendly ink, food-grade raw materials, to give you the most assured products.